About project

The purpose of the project “Attractive e-learning materials for provision of qualitative education” (NPJR-2017/10226) is to help students to acquire the basics of mathematics using e-learning materials in order to reduce dropout and early school leaving of young persons and help them to bridge the knowledge gaps in the mathematics. We have come to conclusion that insufficient knowledge in the mathematics is one the reasons why young persons are leaving vocational school early. That is why so important to strengthen knowledge and skills in the mathematics and develop logical thinking. The mathematics is on the basis of all scientific and technical specialities and is absolutely necessary for the future studies and working life. The main project activities include partner meetings, working meetings and experience exchange, surveys of the students, development, testing and improvement of e-learning materials, development of support material for the teachers, development of project website and final conference. The main project outcome will be the developed e-learning materials in the mathematics that will help students to learn this subject easier and make it more understandable. The other outcome will be support material for our teachers which will give them short suggestions about work in e-environment. Participating institutions will strengthen mutual relations and cooperation as well as create a stable basis for further international activities. We hope that our project results will be useful also for other Nordic-Baltic schools in order to improve e-learning environment.